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#TalkMH Meetup in London - Hyde Park

On Saturday 22nd April 2017 a group of people from Hannah Rainey’ (Little Thoughts Blog)#TalkMH chat on Twitter met up in London’s Hyde Park for a day of socialising, eating and enjoying the sun, here shown are some highlights from the day and the amazing people that attended.

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Culture & Conversation: Lets Talk Mental Health

On Wednesday, I attended an event at WeWork Spitalfields hosted by yada with the launch of Culture & Conversation. Starting with 'Let's Talk Mental Health'. I, together with Claire Eastham (We're All Mad Here) discussed and spoke about Mental Health and The Arts as well as The Hidden Issue - Anxiety. It was a very successful day, in the evening we sold our Words Fail Me T-Shirts and told more people about the story behind the brand, getting great feedback.  WATCH NOW

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The Curse and Blessing of Borderline Personality Disorder

The Curse and Blessing of Borderline Personality Disorder It was a Saturday night and we had been to a pub in downtown Manhattan to watch Liverpool lose yet another match. After the usual post-match complaining and obligatory consoling shots of whiskey from our favorite bartender, we left for the journey home. The subway squealed along the tracks into Brooklyn as I began what must have been our millionth argument that week.

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VLOG #1 - This is Maison de Choup' first VLOG. On 23/02/17 we had a meeting with Mehram Sumray-Roots at yada talking about an event happening in April where George will be doing a Keynote Speech on Mental Health and the importance of being open about it, Maison de Choup will also have a pop-up in the evening showcasing our new collection. This is the first in the series of Maison de Choup VLOGs. We aim to document the journey of building and creating Maison de Choup, following the life of founder George from business meetings, to visiting suppliers and actually featuring his Keynote Speeches.

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