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BBC Three Amazing Humans Documentary - WATCH NOW

The designer using fashion to raise mental health awareness George, 22, started experiencing panic attacks six years ago. At the time, he felt really alone and isolated, thinking that nobody else could be going through the same thing as he was. So, George started drawing sketches as a way of trying to understand his anxiety - and that’s when he thought about putting those designs on T-shirts. He then set up a clothing label to raise awareness of - and funds for - mental health, and he now collaborates with others suffering from conditions like depression and eating disorders, all with the hope of encouraging people to have open conversations about mental health.

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I work part-time at Sainsbury's and there is no shame in that

When you're young (or even a little older) you hear phrases thrown around like 'When are you going to get a proper job?' SO toxic to young people! In the world today, getting a job you love or thought you'd get with the degree you've successfully just earned yourself isn't as easy as just walking through the door. 

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