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Peacocking for a Purpose - London Fashion Week September 2019 Lookbook

Last week I attended London Fashion Week wearing a Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket along with 

Roxy, one of my good friends from The Feminist Cleavage with the aim of spreading a positive message surrounding mental health. 

Sporting the Hi-Vis jacket and a new 'Warrior not Worrier' Boilersuit, we confidently attended shows and started the conversation surrounding mental health at London Fashion Week. A topic that is very taboo within the industry. The two products created quite a buzz among both streetstyle photographers and #LFW attendees.

Both the products worn have been upcycled for the purpose of London Fashion Week. 

Love Island Star, Eyal knows Mental Health Matters. 

Co-ordinating colours - with a student from London.

 The police didn't mind... honest!

The 'Warrior not Worrier' Boilersuit garnered a lot of attention among the streetstyle photographers. Photograph @uwarei

Photographed by Atika London. Wearing the 'Warrior not Worrier' Boilersuit which was originally bought from Atika (ne. Blitz)

Power statements to bring attention to mental health at London Fashion Week.

Peacocking for a purpose. Photography © Büro


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