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Our Story - Born out of Anxiety

Conceived in the spring of 2014, Maison de Choup is the brainchild of
George Hodgson – a young artist driven by the restless necessity to
create - born out of a crippling anxiety period that nearly ruined his young life.

Initially born of frustration, MdC has evolved from a single voice into a
unique collective of young artists and designers,
creating contemporary minimalist essentials with sound ethics
at the heart of everything we do.

As a part of helping other young people crippled by mental health problems,
we donate 25% of all proceeds from certain designs to YoungMinds
 a small thank you for the help given by
the nameless, wonderful people working with other young sufferers.

Recently launched is our new 'Warrior Collection'.
Part of the Warrior Collection also donates  25% of proceeds to
YoungMinds. Specifically our 'Warrior not Worrier' garments.

Maison de Choup is proud to be supporting Heads Together,
a campaign to the end stigma around mental health by sharing
and raising awareness via social media.

George is also a Youth Ambassador for The Shaw Mind Foundation.
Helping the charity grow on the Youth Side and
overseeing the Youth Advisory Board (YAB)



*Winner* British Fashion Startup Awards 2016

As Seen on the BBC

Featured in VANITY FAIR & The Telegraph

Featured in Evening Standard Style Magazine

Seen on METRO

Featured in the Daily Echo

Featured in Happiful Magazine

"There are plenty of young brands kicking around in London, but not all of them are built with a social conscience at their core."
Vanity Fair

Mental Health - 'I was offered help two years later'

'Taking drugs just once nearly killed me' - How one teen conquered severe drug-induced anxiety
The Telegraph

'Listen: Interview with BBC Radio 5 Live Daily (Emma Barnett)'
BBC Radio 5 Live

'I took the drug only once. And I nearly died'
Vanity Fair Italia

'Dressed for Success - Maison de Choup founder George Hodgson talks Fashion, Anxiety & OCD.

"Meet the young man who turned his crippling anxiety into a successful fashion label"

"George Hodgson had crippling anxiety. Now he runs fashion brand Maison de Choup"
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"Maison de Choup: A Fashion Brand with Mental Health Awareness at its Core"
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"George's story and the outcome is so inspirational I felt honoured to have spoken to him"
Eleanor Claudie

"Fashion and Mental Health: A trend we 'wish' to ignore?"
Critical Journal

"Shop our top picks of the fashion brand supporting mental health"

"They make gorgeous quality pieces of clothing, all of which I absolutely adore."
Lauren Evie

"The launch event for the SS17 Warrior Not Worrier collection was filled with a positive vibe."
Harry Jackson

"They weren't simply shirts and hoodies with a graphic on them, they had so much meaning behind them."
Georgia Megan

"Warrior not Worrier: Maison de Choup to launch new collection"
Clearly, Magazine

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"Founder George Hodgson works his arse off daily and the hard work is evident from the beautiful designs." - Featured in Claire Eastham' highlights of 2016.
wE'Re AlL mAd heRe

"I instantly fell in love with Maison de Choup's 'Words Fail Me' tee"
Lauren Evie

"Maison de Choup: Fashion with Anxiety"
Backstage Tales

"A brand that has touched my heart in a way like no other is Maison de Choup."
Simply Jadey

 "Maison de Choup, started by someone who suffered from crippling anxiety"
me + Richard Armitage

"Never did I think I’d see the day when fashion embraced mental health in a genuine and meaningful way… Not before a flying pig or money tree at least! I’ve recently discovered Maison de Choup. Don’t be put off by the fancy French name, they’re really nice, cool people. Not to mention talented."
wE'Re AlL mAd heRe

"Nominated at the Fashion Startup Awards"
Selfmade Magazine

"MDC has a clear desire to bring awareness to young people battling anxiety, through fashion."
Jennifer Juan

"George has a real focus on helping charity."
The Girl in The City

"I instantly fell in love with the whole concept of their being.
Maison de Choup isn’t your usual fashion label."
Little Thoughts

"We got talking to George Hodgson, founder of Maison de Choup, to find out how the brand came about and his favourite spots in London"
Onin London

If you can't talk, type and don’t forget there is light at the end of the tunnel”

"As I started my road to recovery I thought we could take this brand and make it something beautiful"
The Interview London

"Now that George has left the dark days behind, MdC hopes his success will inspire others"
Muddy Stilettos

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"During this period I had the idea of Maison de Choup, my fashion label born out of my anxiety."

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"Spinning creativity out of negativity - Maison de Choup inspires The Blip!"
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"Artist George Hodgson Launches Maison de Choup" 



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